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The Best Vertical Gardens In Las Vegas

This automated, mobile all weather composting vertical garden is our service to you. It takes the difficulty out of desert gardening. It’ll grow up to 50 plants of your choice at any one time. It is growing all year round; transforming your kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer for fast abundant growth in all climates.

Grow food in 15% of the area and with 15% of the water verses a conventional garden. This is not a “kit for sale” left up to you to try and build. It is fully assembled where you live with healthy food already growing in it.

Ready Made Portable Gardens

Vertical Gardens are only 3′ X 3′ and each one can grow over 40 plants and vegetables. Vertical Gardens use only 15% of the space and water of an ordinary garden. It is the perfect solution for your home.

We produce the best vertical gardens in Southern Nevada.

Vertical Garden Benefits

One vertical garden is in effect, an entire garden in itself – plant the sides in strawberries, lettuce, herbs, carrots and hundreds of other plants, while planting tomatoes and peppers on the top. Your vertical garden will produce an incredible return per square foot.

Maintenance is effortless. From time to time you collect some of your collected castings and replenish your compost as soil settles. Replant when space becomes available or add our maintenance plan and we’ll handle it all for you. This can be truly a hands free experience for anyone.

The vertical garden grows plants vertically, enabling to to cultivate up to 51 plus plants in an ultra small space – the ultimate square foot garden with integrated composting.

What’s included
  • A mobile garden on heavy-duty castor wheels filled with premium soil.
  • Worms and 40+ healthy plants already producing.
  • Automated timer and irrigation system that waters your flourishing plants.
  • A shade cover and green house cover for year round growth.
  • An automated worm tea maker (super plant food).
  • A built in composter (more super plant food).
  • Professional installation by an experienced gardener at your place.
Are You A Vertical Garden Candidate?
  • It’s for you who buy herbs and veggies at the market.
  • It is for you who want healthy, local food for your family.
  • It is for you with limited access to land, water and soil.
  • It is for you who find it difficult to grow a garden in the desert climate.
  • It is for you who may need to take it with them on the road
  • It is for you with physical restrictions.
  • It is for you who want their garden investment to pay them in cost savings.
  • It is for you who want food independence.

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